IMPACT Toolkit


The 2010 IMPACT Campaign positioned ISHIB as the organization to develop and implement cost effective tools that evolved patients’ lifestyle to measurably reduce cardiovascular health disparities among communities of color.

ISHIB accomplished this goal by developing a strategy that focused on building a base of Knowledge—Action Plan—Support.

“Knowledge” refers to the ever-evolving evidence based data that provides a confident foundation for the management of HBP in individuals at high CV risk and encompasses advances in basic science, antihypertensive drug therapy, and therapeutic lifestyle changes.

“Action Plan” refers to guideline development, a proven strength at ISHIB. However, merely issuing another consensus statement is unlikely to have a meaningful impact to health outcomes without an effective method to drive therapeutic lifestyle changes.

“Support” refers to the IMPACT Campaign foundation which draws on expertise from multiple medical subspecialties and disciplines (including behavioral science and education) to ensure translation of knowledge into sustained meaningful changes in the behaviors of both clinicians and at risk individuals in communities of color.